HeartGold & SoulSilver: Undaunted - Prime Challenge Box (Umbreon)

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Set: HeartGold & SoulSilver: Undaunted Sealed
Release Date: 2011-11-15
The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Prime Challenge Box Helps You Face Every Battle in Your Prime!

Be ready for any challenge! With the action-packed Prime Challenge Box, every Pokémon Trainer will discover an amazing collection of Pokémon TCG cards ready to take into Battle! Use your HS Series Theme deck as the foundation, then add an awesome Pokémon Prime to make it even more powerful. And with an entire Evolution chain that fits perfectly into your deck, plus two more boosters that could contain even more great cards, you'll be in prime shape to take on any challengers!

This Pokémon TCG: Prime Challenge Box includes

• 1 HS theme deck, ready to play, with a bonus booster pack
• 1 Pokémon Prime that fits perfectly with the deck's strategy!
• 1 Complete Evolution chain with three Pokémon for your deck
• 2 Pokémon TCG: HS Series booster packs
• A special code card for the Pokémon TCG Online that unlocks the theme deck, the Pokémon Prime, and all three Pokémon in the Evolution chain, as well as three booster packs!

(Each booster pack contains 10 randomly inserted game cards.)

Cards vary by pack. Packs may vary by product

Deck List: Nightfall

• 1 Umbreon (holofoil)
• 1 Umbreon
• 4 Eevee
• 1 Metagross
• 2 Metang
• 2 Beldum
• 1 Honchkrow
• 2 Murkrow
• 2 Lairon
• 2 Aron
• 2 Skuntank
• 2 Stunky
• 2 Houndour
• 2 Mawile
• 1 Skarmory
• 2 Sableye
• 2 Switch
• 2 Pokémon Communication
• 1 Burned Tower
• 2 Full Heal
• 2 Energy Exchanger
• 2 Interviewer's Questions
• 2 Sage's Training
• 7 Darkness Energy
• 11 Metal Energy

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