HeartGold & SoulSilver: Undaunted - Theme Deck (Daybreak)

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Set: HeartGold & SoulSilver: Undaunted Sealed
Release Date: 2010-08-18
No challenge too great, no battle to fierce: HS—Undaunted

The greatest Trainers are those who are fearless in the face of battle. And that's you! In the Pokémon TCG: HS—Undaunted expansion, you'll discover battle-ready Pokémon just waiting to be summoned by the fearless Trainer in you! The powerful Rayquaza and Deoxys become a Pokémon LEGEND to be reckoned with...six Pokémon—from Raichu to Umbreon to Slowking—join the ranks of Pokémon Prime...and Stadium cards like the Ruins of Alph and Trainer cards like Legend Box change every player's strategy. Are you ready to be Undaunted?

You'll use every trick under the sun to defeat your opponent when you play the Daybreak theme deck! The versatile Sludge Pokémon Muk both inflicts Special Conditions on your opponent's Pokémon and then adds on damage to those already affected. And when the Sun Pokémon Espeon begins to move damage counters from your Pokémon across the battlefield to your opponent's Pokémon, it will dawn on your opponent just how versatile your Daybreak deck really is!

In this box you'll find:

• 60 Pokémon card deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
• 1 Metallic Coin
• Rulebook/Card list
• 1-Player Playmat
• Damage Counters
• 1 Bonus Booster

(Each booster pack contains 10 randomly inserted game cards.)

Cards vary by pack. Packs and coin may vary by product

Deck List:

• 1 Espeon (holofoil)
• 1 Espeon
• 4 Eevee
• 1 Bellossom
• 2 Gloom
• 2 Oddish
• 1 Dodrio
• 2 Doduo
• 2 Muk
• 2 Grimer
• 1 Togekiss
• 2 Togetic
• 2 Togepi
• 2 Raticate
• 2 Rattata
• 2 Scyther
• 2 Energy Exchanger
• 2 Interviewer's Questions
• 2 Life Herb
• 2 Poké Ball
• 1 Ruins of Alph
• 2 Sage's Training
• 2 Team Rocket's Trickery
• 10 Grass Energy
• 8 Psychic Energy

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